Rite of Spring

TOUR: The sacrificed city in the Battle of Berlin  - April 21st to May 2nd, 1945.

The Battle of Berlin proved destructively definitive for the cityscape of Berlin and left a lasting trauma in the hearts and minds of the Berliners that endured it.

Of course, this tour will make use of military historical elements as its framework but this is much more than just a 'boy's story'.

This tour tries to get closer to the locations related to the individual experiences of ordinary people - both soldiers and civilians - caught up in this 12 day storm of shelling, brutality and confusion. 

This Battle broke out in this major European capital city only 66 years ago .

Why was the battle fought at all when it was unwinnable for Nazi Germany?

How did the soldiers feel as they risked their lives with just days until the end of the War for them?

How did the Berliners - the elderly, the women of the city and their children cope? Did they cope?